2 Fuel Delivery Programs and Types of Fuel for Your Home

Apr 9, 2024

Efficient fuel delivery services offer convenience and time savings. These services bring fuel directly to your location, saving you the hassle of visiting gas stations regularly. At Forward Energy, we offer gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, and propane delivery services across Mid and Northern Michigan. Here are our current delivery programs:

Courtesy Fill

We automatically schedule a delivery and monitor the fuel usage for you. Forward Energy has three main payment modes: capped fill, pre-buy, and market rate. Capped fill payment offers automated deliveries at a predetermined price. You don’t need to pay any enrollment, program, or delivery fees.

Our pre-buy program allows you to purchase annual fuel gallons in advance at a fixed price, saving you time and money. The budget program gives you convenience since you pay monthly installments at a capped price. This can help you budget by paying your annual fuel usage within 11 months. If you choose the market rate payment, no prepayment or contract is involved, but your price may change occasionally.

Will Call

Our Will Call delivery program allows you to schedule your deliveries when needed. You keep track of your fuel consumption, and we recommend you request a delivery when your tank is around 20%. After you place your order, we deliver within 1 to 5 business days. Depending on your chosen mode of payment—capped fill, pre-buy, and market rate—you can pay at a fixed rate per delivery, purchase gallons in advance, or use the current market rates.

Types of Fuel for Your Home

Choosing the right fuel for your home depends on factors such as heating and cooling needs, budget, and environmental impact. Pick the fuel that fits your preferences and gives you maximum performance. Here are the four main types of fuels we supply:


This type of fuel is clean-burning and versatile in various functions. It is commonly used in homes for cooking, heating water or rooms, and fueling vehicles. Propane can be more affordable than other fuels, such as diesel and gasoline. At Forward Energy, we provide you with safe and convenient propane delivery services. We regularly inspect your propane storage tanks to identify any leaks and make sure safety features like pressure relief valves are functional.


Diesel can mainly fuel vehicles and run backup generators during power outages. It has a higher energy density than gasoline, translating to increased fuel efficiency in equipment or vehicles. Diesel also offers more torque and power, making it suitable for motors such as trucks or buses. At Forward Energy, we observe proper storage and handling practices for diesel during delivery to avoid leaks and spills.


This form of liquid fuel is based on petroleum and crude oils. Lawnmowers, small engine generators, and heaters for small spaces can use this fuel. It’s also highly flammable and should be stored properly to avoid leaks. We deliver high-quality gasoline across Michigan counties at no added costs to help you.

Enjoy Convenient Propane Delivery Services

Forward Energy is an easy and reliable option to give your home a constant energy supply. At no extra cost for enrollment and delivery, we provide options that suit your chosen payment plan. Contact us today to select your diesel, gas, fuel oil, and propane delivery needs.