4 Signs Your Home May Have a Gas Leak and What You Can Do

Aug 31, 2023

Gas leaks are a potentially dangerous and silent threat that can occur in any home. At Forward Energy, we can educate you on signs of a gas leak, propane home delivery, and more. Here are four signs your home may have a gas leak and what you can do to remain safe: 


Distinctive Odor

Natural gas is naturally odorless, but gas suppliers can add a sulfur-like odor to make it easily detectable. This sulfur-like odor may have a similar smell to rotten eggs. If you notice this strong, pungent smell in your home, it may indicate a gas leak. 


Whistling Sounds

Gas leaks can produce a hissing or whistling sound near the gas line, appliances, or meters. If you hear an unusual noise coming from these areas, it could be a sign of a leak. Avoid using any electrical switches or devices if you hear these noises. A spark from them could ignite the gas.


Physical Symptoms

Exposure to a gas leak can lead you and your loved ones to have various physical symptoms. These may include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headaches, or difficulty breathing. If you or your family members experience any of these symptoms, but they improve when you leave your home, consider the possibility of a gas leak. 


Increase In Gas Bills

A sudden and significant increase in your gas bill without a corresponding change in usage could suggest a gas leak. These leaks lead to wastage, which may cause your bill to increase. Monitor your utility bills closely to see if you notice any unexplained increases.


What To Do

A gas leak can cause serious damage if not taken care of quickly. Follow these steps if you suspect a gas leak in your home or building: 


Evacuate the Area

If you detect a strong gas odor or experience symptoms of gas exposure, you will want to evacuate the premises. Call emergency services at a safe distance from the house or building.


Contact Professionals

After evacuating, contact your gas supplier and a licensed professional to inspect and repair the leak. They can conduct a thorough assessment, locate the source of the leak, and make the necessary repairs.


Avoid Open Flames and Sparks

Refrain from using any open flames, electrical switches, or devices while waiting for professional help. These could ignite the gas and cause you harm. This includes avoiding lighting matches, using lighters, or operating electrical appliances.


Open Windows and Doors

If you can do so safely, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to ventilate the area. This can help dissipate the gas and reduce the risk of harm.


Forward Energy, Gas Leaks, and Propane Home Delivery

Gas leaks can be a serious threat that requires immediate attention and professional intervention. Regular maintenance of gas lines, appliances, and meters can also help reduce the risk of leaks in your home. At Forward Energy, safety for our customers is our top priority, and because of this, we want to educate you on all things gas and propane. Contact us today to learn more about our safety precautions when executing propane home delivery and other services.