5 Reasons To Choose Propane Over Electric Heating and How To Make the Switch

Jan 4, 2024

At Forward Energy, we can help you understand the benefits of propane over electric heating. Our propane supplier team can also help you make the switch. Propane’s benefits might include cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, environmental impact, etc. Here are five reasons to choose propane over electric heating: 


Propane tends to be more economical than electricity, which can help your household save on energy bills. Propane heating systems are generally efficient. They can deliver more heat for each unit of energy consumed than electric systems. This increased efficiency can translate into lower energy costs, reducing overall expenses for homeowners. Consider propane heating if you want to save money without compromising warmth and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Propane furnaces, water heaters, and stoves are generally designed to convert a higher percentage of the energy they consume into usable heat. You get more warmth while using less fuel, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. Propane heating systems offer faster heating times, which helps make sure your home reaches the desired temperature quickly. This step can further enhance overall energy efficiency.

Environmental Impact

Propane is typically a clean-burning fuel that produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity from fossil fuels. By opting for propane, you can contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. This can help combat climate change. It’s a responsible choice that can benefit your household while supporting the broader goal of creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Reliability and Independence

Propane heating systems generally offer high reliability, especially in areas prone to power outages. When electric heating is not an option due to electrical grid failures, propane appliances can continue to operate. This reliability helps make sure you have uninterrupted heat during harsh weather conditions. Propane can provide energy independence, allowing homeowners to store fuel on-site. This means you’re not dependent on external sources for your heating needs.

Versatility and Convenience

Propane is a versatile energy source that can power various household appliances, including heating systems, water heaters, stoves, and even outdoor grills. Its flexibility can make it a suitable choice for homeowners looking for a comprehensive energy solution. Propane heating systems are also known for their convenience, with easy-to-use thermostats and precise temperature control. Switching to propane can enhance your home’s heating capabilities and simplify overall energy management.

Propane Switch: How To 

Start by contacting a reputable propane supplier, like us at Forward Energy, to assess your heating needs and recommend the right propane equipment for your home. Next, consider converting existing appliances to propane or investing in new, energy-efficient propane-powered models. We can guide you through the selection process to help make sure you have the proper compatibility and efficiency. Finally, schedule regular maintenance to keep your propane heating system in top condition. This proactive approach can extend your equipment’s life and help make sure you have continued efficiency and reliability of your propane heating system and appliances.

Propane Supplier

You can reap many benefits if you’re considering switching to propane over electric heating. These benefits include versatility and convenience, reliability and independence, cost-effectiveness, and more. Contact Forward Energy today to learn how to switch to a propane heating system.