5 Tips for Using Propane Safely

Jul 31, 2023

While propane has numerous uses and advantages, this flammable gas also has various safety considerations. Knowing how to store and use propane safely can help protect you and your loved ones from a hazardous situation like a fire or explosion. Forward Energy is a propane supplier serving Central, South, and North East Michigan, and we help our customers understand how to store and use propane safely. Here are five tips for using propane safely:

1. Choose a Safety-conscious Propane Supplier

Your propane’s safety starts with the supplier you choose. Only work with a propane supplier that follows all current safety regulations and has a long-standing record of providing safe and reliable services. At Forward Energy, we recognize the benefits of using propane in residential and commercial contexts and prioritize safety above all else. Our delivery technicians are well-trained in handling this fuel safely, and we routinely inspect all of our equipment for proper functioning.

2. Keep Your Propane Tank Outside

Keeping a propane tank inside your home can be dangerous when something unexpected occurs. The safest place to keep your propane tanks is outside in an open-air space. If a fire or leakage occurs, the gas can safely dissipate in the atmosphere without endangering you and your family. The storage area should be free from combustible items like leaves, textiles, and paper. These materials can ignite easily when exposed to a flame or spark, causing a fire. Your tank should also be stored away from potential heat sources like grills or stoves. If possible, shade the storage area from direct sunlight to avoid pressure buildup when outdoor temperatures rise.

3. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be fatal if inhaled. Its production occurs when fuel, like propane, is not completely burned. A carbon monoxide detector in your home can detect this gas and alert you before it reaches dangerous levels. This alert can give you time to evacuate the house and call for help. Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector that doubles as a propane leak detector. Propane detectors are sensitive enough to identify low levels of this gas, allowing you to act quickly in case of a leak. Replace the batteries annually to keep your detectors working correctly.

4. Know What to Do When You Smell Propane

Sometimes you can detect a propane leak through its distinctive odor. Propane manufacturers add mercaptan, a chemical with an odor similar to rotten eggs, to the gas as a safety measure. If you notice this scent in your home, you may have a gas leak that requires immediate action. Turn off all ignition sources, leave the house, and call for help. If it’s safe to turn off the propane supply, do so. Never attempt to investigate or repair a propane leak on your own.

5. Maintain Your Propane Tanks and Equipment Regularly

Inspecting and maintaining your propane tanks and equipment regularly can reduce the risk of a hazardous situation. Forward Energy is not just a propane supplier; we can also provide maintenance for your propane-powered equipment. Our team of certified technicians can check your tanks and appliances for any signs of deterioration or leakage and repair or replace any faulty parts. Our technicians also check the fittings, connectors, regulators, and lines for loose or cracked connections. Hire a professional with the proper experience and safety training to handle this maintenance work correctly.

Enjoy Using Propane Safely

Propane is an efficient, clean-burning fuel that can benefit your life in many ways. This gas can also be dangerous if it’s mishandled. Hire a reliable propane supplier like Forward Energy and follow all safety tips to enjoy the advantages of propane without compromising your safety. Forward Energy has been in the propane business since 1925, allowing us to gain years of experience and knowledge. If you are located in South, Central, and North East Michigan, contact us today for your propane needs.