5 Types of Propane-Fueled Home Heating Systems

May 1, 2024

A primary benefit of propane-fueled home heating systems is having your energy needs met through a single source. You have customization options when it comes to which specific system works best for you and your home. Providers like Forward Energy offer year-round propane home delivery services to power all of them. Five of the more popular options for propane heating systems include:


Boiler systems function by circulating water through a series of pipes. A propane-fueled heating element heats the water traveling through the pipes. This heated water then circulates through the various heating devices in the home. Boilers often power baseboard or in-floor radiant heating systems. They can also replace (in specific designs) the traditional power source of forced-air systems: the furnace.


Forced-air heating systems push air throughout the home via ductwork. Most of these are powered by furnaces, which basically function like large ovens. They intake indoor air into a combustion chamber, which is then heated by propane-powered burners. The heated air then circulates through the duct system, while the products of combustion are vented out of the home. Propane units can also capture additional heat from the combustion gasses to increase their efficiency, providing warmer air with decreased energy expenditures.

Space Heaters

Propane home delivery needs can vary by season, with the U.S. Energy Information Administration reporting peak levels of 1.07 million barrels consumed daily during the 2022-23 winter season, specifically during December, January, and February. Systems can also be configured to vary by location through propane-fueled space heaters. These standalone units can be moved throughout the home as needed. This makes them efficient tools to supplement a home’s central HVAC system.

Wall Heaters

Wall heaters also operate independently of a home’s primary heating system. These wall-mounted units can be permanent fixtures in rooms where added heat is consistently needed, like a basement or home office. They provide heat without having to adjust the temperatures for the entire home, which offers the added benefit of decreased overall energy use. Wall-mounted heaters also tend to give off heat longer after being turned off, keeping rooms warmer with less energy input.


A propane-powered fireplace provides efficient heating with the added benefit of improved ambiance. These are wall inserts connected to a separate heating element. Fuel is pumped into the unit to power combustion. Removing burning wood from the fireplace also eliminates the need for a chimney system, allowing fireplaces to be placed in individual apartments and condominiums. Fireplaces can be customized to fit a home’s decor, from traditional wood fire displays to sleek, modern gas jets.

Set Your Own Propane Home Delivery Schedule

A customized propane home delivery schedule helps unlock many of the benefits of propane-fueled heating. You can alter the frequency of your deliveries to coincide with peak heating times, which offers the added benefit of improved cost management. Such service is available through Forward Energy. Choose a delivery and fee schedule that works for you. Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have; simply take a moment to fill out our online contact form.