How Often Should I Schedule Propane Delivery? How Far Ahead Should I Plan?

Jun 1, 2023

Propane home delivery is a convenient way to keep your home warm and your appliances running. On-site propane storage is an excellent alternative to electricity or natural gas in rural and remote areas. Having on-site storage means you need to plan ahead when scheduling fuel delivery or risk running out at an inconvenient time. Forward Energy has flexible propane delivery services for all kinds of clients.

How Often Should You Refill Your Propane Tank?

The first step in making sure that you always have the fuel you need is to become familiar with how long a full tank lasts. There are several factors to keep in mind that can help you plan your propane deliveries:

Know the Capacity of Your Propane Tank

The main factor to consider is the size of your propane tank. Propane tanks range from giant 1,000-gallon tanks to 20-lb “grill” tanks. The larger your tank is, the less frequently you will need to refill it. Many people find that a 500-gallon tank will fuel a home on two refills per year.

Consider All Your Propane Appliances

The number of propane-powered appliances you rely on is another major factor in how frequently you need to refill your propane tank. Propane is a great way to heat your home but is also commonly used for many other applications. People use propane to fuel their kitchen stoves, clothes dryers, backup generators, and more. If you add more propane-fueled appliances to your home, you should expect to refill your tank more often.

Track Your Propane Usage

One of the best ways to predict your propane home delivery needs is to track your usage. Keeping a record of when you fill your propane tank will help you expect when you will need your next refill and plan accordingly.

When Should You Order Your Next Propane Home Delivery?

Understanding your propane needs can help you anticipate your refill schedule, but it isn’t easy to account for every variable. An aging appliance or a long winter can subtly increase your propane needs. Monitoring your tank’s fuel gauge and the performance of your propane appliances can tell you when you need to order a refill.

Reading the Propane Gauge

Monitoring your propane tank’s fuel gauge is the best way to know when to order a propane delivery. This may seem intuitive, but there are two things to remember when reading your tank’s gauge:

First, we recommend that you order a refill when your tank is between 20–30% capacity. Ordering a refill is easy and convenient, but it takes time. Requesting your delivery when your tank is at 30% helps guarantee that you won’t run out of fuel before the delivery arrives.

Second, propane needs room to expand and contract as the temperature changes throughout the day. A propane tank is considered “full” at 80% capacity to accommodate this. Overfilling a propane tank can be dangerous.

Monitoring the Performance of Propane Appliances

Keeping tabs on the performance of your propane appliances is also a sign that you need a refill. Propane-fueled appliances should burn with a strong-steady flame. If your appliance’s burner seems weak or sputters, that is a good indication that your tank is running low.

Forward Energy Can Help You Manage Propane Refills

Forward Energy makes it easy to order a propane home delivery. Customers can use our app to order and track propane deliveries from their phones. We also offer service plans with courtesy refills that make refills even easier. With these plans, we monitor your tank’s fuel levels and dispatch deliveries automatically.