Is Propane Delivery an Essential Service?

Dec 1, 2022

Using propane can help lower your carbon footprint and energy costs. Get a reliable propane supplier to avoid the risks of running out of gas. Forward Energy supplies propane to residents in Northeast Michigan whenever needed to guarantee year-round convenience. Here are reasons why propane delivery is an essential service: 

It Gives You a Constant Gas Supply 

Running out of propane can be inconvenient, as you may have to stop your daily tasks, like cooking, until you get a refill. It can also be dangerous since the lower your propane level, the higher the fire risk due to a change in pressurization. Low propane levels can also damage your tank, incurring repair or replacement costs.

A propane delivery service guarantees timely delivery, so you never have to worry about pausing your propane use or the risk of damaging your tank. Forward Energy runs two main delivery programs — Courtesy Fill and Will Call. Both programs guarantee free delivery, so this can save you money. 

Customers under the Courtesy Fill Program don’t have to monitor their gas levels since we’ll do it for them and schedule deliveries when necessary. Those under the Will Call Program call us when their propane tanks reach 20% so we can deliver before they reach low propane levels. Our deliveries take 1-5 days after receiving the calls, so clients never have to pause their propane use. 

It Can Help You Avoid Volatile Gas Prices 

Propane prices are constantly changing — they vary based on the global propane supply, so a supply shortage may mean higher prices. This can be inconvenient for a household with a limited income or people who like to plan their expenditures. 

A propane delivery service can help you avoid the gas’s volatility by allowing you to lock in a specific price for a predetermined period. With this, you don’t have to deal with unexpected price increases, so you can budget more effectively. 

Our Capped Pricing, Pre-Buy, and Budget programs allow you to lock in a specific price, limiting market volatility’s effects on your finances. The Capped Pricing program locks in a guaranteed price per gallon, which you can pay at the delivery time. Our Pre-Buy program can save you money by allowing you to pay for your propane in advance, leaving you unaffected by price fluctuations. The Budget program allows you to make monthly gas payments at a capped price. This program can benefit households that make monthly budgets so they know how much to pay per month. 

It Can Provide Customer Benefits 

Some delivery companies offer customer benefits to reward loyal customers and encourage them to sign up for their programs. These benefits could save you money in the long run. 

We offer quantity discounts to clients who order 1,000 gallons of gas or more. Customers who are not on our capped price program can also save 3¢ per gallon if they pay their invoices within five days in cash. Our Courtesy Fill program also allows customers to save 10¢ per gallon, which can lead to considerable savings in the long run. 

It Can Guarantee Proper Tank Installation and Maintenance 

Installing and maintaining a propane tank requires expertise you can only find in a propane delivery service. A company that installs and maintains its tanks can save you from making life-threatening mistakes. 

Forward Energy only installs the highest quality components. We take all our installations through gas safety checks, eliminating the risk of gas leaks and keeping your home safe. 

It Can Guarantee Safe Tank Refills 

Filling your own tank can be risky since propane is flammable. Hiring a propane delivery service can protect you from unnecessary risks since these companies know how to handle propane gas safely. 

Forward Energy invests in extensive employee training to guarantee the safety of our clients. We’re members of the Michigan Propane Gas Association and National Propane Gas Association. You can be sure we’re up to date with the best propane gas technologies and procedures. Working with us can reduce the risk of accidents occurring. 

How Do You Find the Right Propane Supplier?

You need to find the right supplier to guarantee you never run out of propane gas. When assessing suppliers, consider their certification, types of delivery offered, and fees. The right supplier will be certified to sell and transport propane in your area, offer automatic and as-needed delivery options, and charge favorable fees. 

Forward Energy ticks all these boxes. We’re members of recognized national and state propane associations, and we can regularly refill your tank or wait for your call. Our fees are favorable, as we don’t charge enrollment, program, or delivery fees when you join any of our programs. 

Get Your Propane Delivered 

The right propane supplier minimizes the risks of running out of gas and can protect you from the volatility of propane gas prices. These suppliers offer customer rewards and conduct safe tank installation, maintenance, and refilling. 

Forward Energy is one of the best propane suppliers in northeast Michigan. We have been in business for over 90 years, a time that has allowed us to learn what clients want and improve our services to meet their needs. Contact us to learn more about our propane delivery services.