Is There a Maximum Amount of Propane I Can Get in a Propane Delivery?

Feb 1, 2023

Propane is a popular fuel for homes, farms, and businesses. If you use a propane grill, generator, or space heater, you’ll need to get your containers refilled. Forward Energy has been delivering propane to homes and businesses for years. We’re your propane home delivery partner and keep tabs on all developments and regulations concerning propane fuel. Propane delivery follows specific rules that determine the maximum volume and tank capacity.

Amount of Propane You Can Get

The volume of propane you can get depends on various factors, including your tank, storage area, and application. Certain states require people to carry no more than four propane cylinders in an enclosed car like an SUV or sedan. Always verify your state’s propane laws as this may vary.

Propane tanks must be secured upright, preferably using propane tank holders and stabilizers. If you’re transporting propane tanks in an open truck, you can carry a little more propane, but be sure to check local regulations. Disregarding the capacity requirements can leave you vulnerable to accidents due to propane expansion under hot temperatures. 

The 80% Propane Tank Rule

You should fill propane tanks to 80% only. The 20% is left for propane expansion, which is up to 17% more than that of water. You can fill the tank to 90% or 70% but may face various risks. Leaving more space allows the propane to expand more than it would in a smaller space. Filling the gas beyond 80% may result in gas explosions, especially in an accident.

Forward Energy has years of experience in delivering propane to homes, farms, and businesses in our Michigan service areas. We follow the 80% rule and advise all our customers to do the same. Propane tanks have gauges you can check to avoid straying from the limits. Filling to the recommended capacity and following transportation guidelines can help prevent accidents. Each of our reliable propane delivery drivers is fully trained to correctly fill and maintain your propane tank.

Why You Should Follow Tank Limits

Propane expands when the temperature rises. Below-ground tanks are shielded from sun rays and can be filled beyond the recommended 80%. Tanks in locations with low temperatures can also fill their tanks a bit more. Above-ground tanks are exposed to more sunlight and higher temperatures, which can cause propane to expand. You should consider insulating such tanks.

Exceeding the tank limit can result in massive pressure build-up inside the tank when the gas expands. Some tanks can hold, but others won’t. Extreme pressure can cause leakage or parts to burst out. Explosions in closed vehicles can be dangerous or even fatal. You should check the gauges regularly and call us for a refill when your tank’s capacity is around 30%. We also offer propane delivery programs where you don’t have to keep track of the propane you have left — we monitor the tank for you and refill it when necessary.

Long-Serving Propane Home Delivery Company

The amount of propane gas you may have delivered is unique to your needs. A larger propane tank can accommodate more gas than smaller cylinders. Underground and insulated cylinders can also take in more propane. Working with a reliable propane home delivery company is the best way to remain within limits.

At Forward Energy, we provide reliable service to deliver propane to homes and offices. Our tanks can hold thousands of pounds, so we can fill your cylinders to the required level. Some people have larger tanks and home workshops that use more propane. You can receive as much propane as you need, provided you meet safe tank requirements. Give us a call to start your propane delivery today.