Terms and Conditions

Date:  8/2024 


A) General Provisions:
Customer agrees to pay Forward Energy rates and charges in effect on the date that propane is delivered or services are rendered. FORWARD ENERGY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ITS RATES AND CHARGES FROM TIME TO TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. Customer acknowledges that Forward Energy’s rates and charges may vary depending upon, among other things, the volume of propane purchased, Customer classification, ownership of equipment and competitive conditions. For Customers who are billed based on the usage amount shown on a meter attached to the Customer’s propane system, Forward Energy reserves the right to bill the Customer based on an estimated usage amount, which will later be followed-up by an actual reading with the Customer to be: (I) credited to the extent that the estimated amount exceeded the actual propane usage amount or (II) charged an additional amount to the extent that the actual amount of propane used exceeded the estimated amount. Customers who receive automated deliveries of propane understand and agree that they will not receive prior notice of the price of propane, but may obtain pricing information by calling the district office serving Customer’s account. Forward Energy’s rates, and charges, if any, are not refundable except to the extent that a refund may be required by law. Customer understands and acknowledges that Customer may obtain Forward Energy’s current rates, and charges by visiting the Forward Energy website at www.forwardenergy.com, or by calling 800-664-4501.

B) Current Charges:

  • Fuel SurchargeThis charge, which is added to each invoice for propane deliveries and service calls helps to offset the significant expenses incurred by Forward Energy in fueling its fleet of commercial motor vehicles. This charge fluctuates on a monthly basis as Forward Energy’s cost of fuel fluctuates. The current rate is $5. For updated fuel surcharge information, please visit our website or call our toll free number.
  • Pump-Out/Restocking ChargeForward Energy is prohibited by law from transporting a tank when it contains a quantity of propane in excess of five percent of the tank’s water capacity. This charge defrays the cost associated with pumping out a tank that contains in excess of five percent, and returning the tank to Forward Energy’s inventory. Customers can avoid this charge by continuing service with Forward Energy until the supply of propane in the tank is less than five percent. The current rate is $150.00.
  • Special Trip ChargeThis charge is incurred by Customers who request immediate deliveries/services or deliveries/services after business hours or on weekends. This charge can vary greatly due to the distance involved and/or the time required servicing this request. The current rate is $300.00.
  • Meter Service ChargeThis charge is incurred by Customers who are charged for their propane based on an amount of usage as measured by a Forward Energy meter. This charge defrays the cost of meter reading, meter maintenance and related administrative costs. The current rate is $50.00 per month.
  • Low Usage Charge A minimum propane purchase of one and one half (1.5) times the tank size per year is required or a Low Usage Charge may be billed. The current rate is $100.00.
  • Tank Rental120 gallon tanks will be charged an annual charge. The current rate is $60.00.
  • Re-ActivationThis charge is incurred by Customers who leave Forward Energy and return within three (3) years. The current rate is $120.00.
  • Leak Test/Pressure TestThis charge is incurred when a new tank is set and/or when an existing tank runs out of product. The current rate is $75.00.
  • Tank MonitorAnnual charge. The current rate is $48.00.

Customer agrees to pay all rates and charges required by the Terms and Conditions within fifteen (15) days after the invoice date or on the due date, whichever is later, to the location designated by Forward Energy. Where permitted by law, Customer agrees that Forward Energy may send Customer a statement instead of a delivery ticket. If Customer fails to pay any rates or charges within thirty (30) days after the invoice or due date, Forward Energy may, unless prohibited by law, add a monthly late charge of 1.5% (annual rate of 18%) to all past due amounts or a late charge of $5.00, whichever is greater. Forward Energy reserves the right to require Customer to pay for propane deliveries or services in advance or to post a cash deposit, which may be applied by Forward Energy at any time in whole or in part to the outstanding balance.
Revised date 5/2022