Why Propane Is a Good Fuel Choice

May 10, 2023

Propane is a popular fuel for many applications, from powering vehicles to heating your home. We want to make propane home delivery simple and convenient at Forward Energy.

What Makes Propane a Good Fuel Choice?

There are many advantages to using propane as a fuel source. Propane is efficient and energy-dense, making it a good solution for homes and vehicles. It is also safer and more environmentally friendly than other fuels. Using propane requires less infrastructure that needs to be maintained. Forward Energy can also provide convenient propane home delivery. Each of these advantages is covered in more detail below:

Propane Is an Efficient Fuel Source

At first glance, natural gas may seem less expensive, but it isn’t as energy dense as propane. Burning propane produces more energy than a comparable volume of natural gas. Burning propane is also more efficient than electricity for many applications, such as heating your home.

Propane Is Safer Than Other Fuels

Safety is another advantage of relying on propane. The financial burden of maintaining and repairing natural gas lines often falls to the homeowner. This is a problem because homeowners lack the means to perform this maintenance themselves. Propane systems like those provided by Forward Energy avoid this issue because tank and fuel line leaks are the supplier’s responsibility. These lines are inspected every time we deliver propane, helping leaks to be less of an issue.

Propane Is Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being inexpensive and reliable, propane is also environmentally friendly.
Coal is still a significant source of electricity in the United States. Gasoline powers the majority of cars in America. Both fuels produce greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic fumes when burned. Propane is a clean-burning alternative that can power your home and vehicle without damaging the environment.

Natural gas is another clean-burning fuel, but the main component is methane. As a greenhouse gas, methane is more potent than carbon dioxide. Natural gas that escapes into the environment may contribute to climate change. Propane does not have this problem.

Propane Requires Less Infrastructure

Natural gas and electricity need to be transmitted from their source via underground pipelines or high-voltage power lines. While this isn’t a problem in urban areas, building and maintaining these lines in remote areas may be costly.

Propane alleviates this concern by allowing customers to store fuel on-site. On-site fuel storage limits unnecessary infrastructure. This may help to keep construction and maintenance costs down.

Propane Home Delivery Is Convenient

Another advantage of propane is that it can be conveniently delivered to your home. Propane can heat your home, provide electricity, fuel your vehicles, and more. However you use propane, your fuel will be delivered and stored at home. After your propane is delivered, you can use it however you need without paying multiple providers for your heating, power, and other needs.

Meet Your Fuel Needs With Forward Energy

Forward Energy has been serving the energy needs of our clients since 1925. Our experience makes us an easy and reliable option for keeping your home supplied with energy. Our propane home delivery service is also backed up by outstanding customer service. Contact Forward Energy today to meet your propane delivery needs.